These boats have been built for over 50 years and are extremely rugged. Alumacrafts are strong due to :

* Heavier gauge aluminum (0.102 inch bottom & sides) and All-Welded construction.

Alumacraft has a large selection of boats. No one builds a greater variety of jon boats. Pick the size and style you need from 10' to 20' long, 32" to 72" wide bottoms, with a modified-vee or flat bottom hull, and optional configurations.

Alumacraft Jon boats have a tighter fit with smooth even seams in the welds and precision construction throughout. We challenge you to find a flat bottom Jon with heavier gauge marine alloy aluminum and superior quality of construction. You won't!

Alumacraft Jon boats haul an amazing load with reasonable fuel consumption. Owners love it!

These tough, hard working Jon boats set the standard for all others and they are only at Reed's Snowmachine & Marine!!!



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